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    Question router:s problem:s


    i got something strange. 1 router got problem (d-link N), to reconnect must power off and power on it again. i bought and change it to one new router (linsys N), but i getting almost same problem, but i must reboot computer to reconnect. when linsys router is connecting to DSL modem, connection between computer and router working, but when DSL get's online, connection lost after about 5 secounds.

    i now got to remove some programs from computer (antivirus, nokia drivers) and reset socket settings by netsh....
    and change USB wireless adapter from D-Link to Gigabyte.

    can it be that USB has not enough power?
    is it something that know can caouse some problems like this?
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    The first question that I would ask you is this. When you configured your router, did you have to put your username and password for your DSL connection in (under PPoE) or did you just get an IP from your modem?

    If you connect your computer directly to the modem and look in it's settings, is it configured as a PPoE or PPoA connection?

    In order for Linksys routers to work with DSL, you have to get your provider to set you up as a PPoE connection. If you want to keep it as a PPoA (or if they won't change it for you), you have to purchase a gateway instead of a router.

    I ran into this with Qwest DSL, as they only support PPoA. The only places that I found which sold the Gateway that I would need are in Europe or Asia-- because no one in North America (aside from Qwest) uses PPoA. They all use PPoE.

    Your DSL provider may tell you that they don't support PPoE and that they can't help you if you get stuck. The steps are pretty easy to do though, and I'll list them here.

    • [1.]First thing is write down the username and password that you have configured in the modem, and any DNS servers that they use (or whatever DNS servers you use-- I use OpenDNS, myself).
      [2.]Then you have to switch the modem to the PPoE setting and restart it.
      [3.]Finally, you'll configure your router as a PPoE connection, with the username, password, and DNS entries that they give you.
      [4.]Restart everything, and it should work.

    Hope this helps and have a great weekend
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    Computer->Router= (10< sec OK) ERR
    For Linsys router -> reboot computer -> alive lessthen 10 sec. --- 1 day old
    For D-Link router -> reboot router -> alive less then 6 hours --- 1 year old
    D-Link adaptor -> 2 moth old
    Gigabyte adaptor -> 2 weeks old

    Both with wireless security on and security off = same.

    Tried both with 1 computer and 1 mobile with wifi connection.

    0) It is not problem to connect to the Internet but it is problem to connect to Router.
    1) Automatic IP from DSL, (connected though TV cable-line).
    Modem has own webconfiguration with own DHCP when it is not connected.
    Modems DHCP disables automaticaly when DSL connection is online and connected to internet.

    NO Username or Password is requid to connect to internet. In modem can be shown just status window when it is DHCP mode.
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    Ok, so if you connect one computer to the modem, you are able to get to the Internet without any problems, correct?

    What I would suggest is connect a computer directly to the modem. Verify that your Internet connection is working. Then open a command prompt (Windows-Key + R and then type cmd and click OK). In the command prompt, type ipconfig /all and hit enter.

    Paste the results of that here.

    Your other option is to contact your ISP and ask them to help you troubleshoot it. Although most of them will say that they only do single computers-- not networks. If they tell you that, then ask them if they'll at least tell you which configuration you need (Automatic Configuration - DHCP, Static IP, PPoE, PPTP, Telestra Cable, etc (note, these are from my Linksys WRT54G router-- not an "N" router).

    Hope this helps a little and have a great day

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