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    Question Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala": Discussion thread

    Yes, its actually called Karmic Koala.

    Firstly, the official announcement is here.

    Phoronix talks a bit about it...

    For those too lazy to click any link, the highlights (under consideration) are:

    (1) Server version: Cloud computing features. Will be using API's of Amazon EC2. So you can build your own cloud!

    (2) Desktop version: They may use Red Hat's Plymouth. Also aim for lower boot times than 9.04...They want to do better than 25 secs on a netbook.

    If you don't know what Red Hat's Plymouth is about...

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    Just upgraded to it. So far, so good... but I haven't spent too much time messing around with it.
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    Upgraded most of my equipment this weekend.

    Haven't seen too much that is different other than "eyeware". As with other upgrades it gets old setting all your defaults back to other than the Canoninical supported software.

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    I have a friend of a friend who is in the market for Linux on a PS3. I found ubuntu, actually 2 versions from 2007 made just for PS3. I wonder if compiling this new kernel will break the 2007 build.


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