...long time, no see. How is everybody?

I got a friend outside Beijing near Tsingtao who is hemmed in by
the Chinese Great Firewall. I've got her PPTP'ed into an old W2K
server I use in my office, but she got disconnected. I cleared the
mgm't console and she reconnected fine, but I'm not sure that is
the problem. The ISP rolls her into a new ip every day from the
looks of it and am wondering if they blocked her on an old ip addy.

Would SSL (OpenVPN) be a better option for her? I can add the
module to my gateway (IPCop), which suits me better than her
coming into the network. I was supporting PPTP users (sales reps
and engineers) from China two or three years back, and we'd have
sporadic problems. She's not pulling a lot of bandwidth so far.

Opinions? Thanks, BC