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    vnc with different ports

    hello all
    i am trying to set up a vnc to a server running x11vnc

    the remote computer can access ports 443 and 8080, further it can only access server via java

    i have run this on the server

    x11vnc -forever -usepw -httpdir /usr/share/vnc-java/ -httpport 8080

    and i can connect locally without a problem

    what i think! in need to change is the listening port on the vnc from 5900 to 443

    how do i do that?
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    Port 443 is actually being used on the remote server.

    Use something like, e.g., "x11vnc -rfbport 5901" to force it to use port 5901 (this is VNC display :1.) If something else is using that port x11vnc will exit immediately. If you do not supply the -rfbport option, it will autoprobe starting at 5900 and work its way up to 5999 looking for a free port to listen on. In that case, watch for the PORT=59xx line to see which port it found, then subtract 5900 from it for the VNC display number to enter into the VNC Viewer(s).
    Assuming that you want your display session encrypted. The link should be able to assist. Do a page search for "443".

    Following the above guidelines, did it work? If so, Congratulations!! you created an SSL encrypted connection between the SSL Java applet running in your web browser and x11vnc. The fact that you used HTTP instead of HTTPS to download the applet is not the end of the world (some users do it this way), the main thing is that the VNC traffic is encrypted with SSL. If you are having trouble even with the above baseline test case feel free to contact me (please send the Full x11vnc output, not just part of it; the complete x11vnc command line; the URL(s) entered in the browser; the full Java Console output; and anything else you can think of.)

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    ok have got it all working

    vnc server is listenintg on port 443

    all works at home but at work which is routed through a proxy i get the vnc login screen but cannot connets as vnc tries to connect to the work proxy

    there is some work around but using something like www.xyz.org/proxy.html

    but not sure what they mean...
    like life, this is a test

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