SVCHOST taking up 100% CPU.
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Thread: SVCHOST taking up 100% CPU.

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    SVCHOST taking up 100% CPU.

    I honestly want to scream **** a billion times.. I can't believe SVCHOST after 15-20 minutes SVCHOST takes up 100% of the cpu. I need ALL of my CPU because i run virtual machines ! I haven't been able to work for few days and i'm facing a virus out break (virustotal score is 0 !) ..

    There are 2 services svchost points too Plug and play and DCOM launcher.. Any suggestions is SUPER HELPFUL..

    THANKS !

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    I found this in my travels. Might help.

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    download process explorer and see if you can gather more information and see which applications/open files are causing the usage to spike...

    [edit] and of course ensure all updates/patches are applied as JPnyc has pointed out in his post, there was a WUA issue which displayed the exact same problems you are describing, but this was fixed in a MS patch [/edit]
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