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    SnapGear SG300 Setup VPN to work with TheGeenBow Client


    I have got this scenario ,,,ADSL modem Netgear router its LAN ip address and one of its LAN port connected to a WAN port of SnapGear SG300 (


    LAN ip address for SnapGear SG300 is

    I tried hardly to find any online documentation , the only site that I found was below


    I did my best to configure IPSec for SnapGear SG300 as below (I could not figure out where is my mistake):

    1- Tunnel settings

    2- Local Endpoint settings


    3- Remote Endpoint Settings

    4- Phase 1 Settings

    5- Phase 2 Settings

    I used TheGreenBow VPN client utility ,,,,,my configuration as below :

    1- Phase1advanced

    2- Phase1 Authentication

    3- Phase 2

    By looking at those snapshots I would appreciate any hint or tip where I did misconfigure

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