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    You can take off the tin foil hat, Linen0ise. The nice thing about the web is you can do your own defense analysis these days. It doesn't hurt if you used to work in an ITAR facility.

    1) to date, the US has not exported UAV's to anyone. "MTCR" issues. So far, only Australia and Italy are cleared for unarmed units:


    2) Iran builds their own drones. Undoubtedly pieces of chit compared to US machines:


    3) Israel does export them (no comment):


    It does raise the question as to what kind of physical proximity one needs to intercept satellite data. It sounds like satellites pretty much spray an area. How big an area, and does data up and data down coverage vary?

    You got to hand it to those crazy Iraqi Shias. Those boys ain't stupid. Hezbollah (also Iranian-funded Shias) handed IDF their arses in southern Lebanon in '05 by studying up on Merkavas (Israeli MBT's) to find a weak spot. Did it using the web from what I've heard (BBC documentary).

    HTH, BC
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