I'll do a nice copy pasta from an old introduce and edit it a little :P


Handle: Risker
Name: Cody
Age: 15 < Soon to be 16 >

My Life And Joy

My Girl Kassy <3
My computer :]

Forum Communties
These shall be my main ones.

Banned - V.I.P/Ex-Moderator @WC3edit.net
Banned - Moderator/Premium member @D3Scene.com
Active - "Contributing" Member @Hackforums.net

Show Offs
Nothing to big.
My most fav defacement and what not was when i rooted d3scene.com because they banned me for false reason. Fun fun :P
Also when i got myself a bunch of usarmy.mil email accounts.
Other then the usual defaced websites, not much to brag about.

Also i have a question, do you guys call antionline AO or do i sound like a new coming newblet? :P