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Thread: Tracking connected devices

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    Tracking connected devices

    Hey guys,

    I want to find a way to log whenever someone connects a USB drive to a computer. The target workstation runs Windows XP Pro. I tried setting up an Alarm to indicate whenever the logical disk goes over 100MB, but it didn't work right. I was wondering if you guys have ever done this? I figure there has got to be some way to track the digital signature of any device that loads into the OS. Hopefully a solution that is built into Windows XP Pro.



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    There's a low cost program here...


    just searched for it, have not tried it yet... There's also a free demo (5 client) one


    there ... if you read the panel bottom left ..

    You can download the freeware demo version of USB Data Protection Tool for Windows Network within few mouse clicks. Demo version can monitor only five clients in network
    Keep in mind.. these should be scanned for spy/ad/virusware before use .... keep an eye on what the system is doing.. you can never be too safe these days..

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    Hi warriorfan,

    What is it exactly you are trying to do? Just monitoring when a USB drive is connected won't necessarily help, as you don't know who did it. Also, what if the drive was already connected at bootup?

    XP Pro detects when a drive was attached but I don't know if there is a log entry generated and certainly not if it identifies the device. From what I can see it automatically accepts anything that was attached before boot-up.

    Another consideration is even if you can tell that a device was connected, how would you know what was done with it?

    Perhaps a different approach would be to specify authorised devices which could be easily assigned to individuals. A nice feature would be if it would only let the authorised individual attach the device if they were logged in to that workstation?

    You might like to look at this:


    Several USB security products there

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