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    ithmb viewer

    Anyone know of a working .ithmb viewer software for PC. I know there was one from a while back that was only minimally developed but can't even find that anymore. Anything new on that front?

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    Hi Bob,

    Have you got the iPhone or just the files on the PC?

    Are you prepared to pay for a proprietary product.?

    Do you have, or have access to an Apple PC?

    IIRC those files are in the RAW format (16 bit?) so you might have to convert them to something like .bmp or .jpg first?
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    I am working with only .ithmb files. I will pay if there is software and the price is proportional to the need. I have OSXLeopard running in a VMware so that is an option if needed. I know there was a command line converter someone made a year or so ago. Don't know of anything else that will do it.

    *Edit: I currently use thumbviewer freeware to view Windows thumbs.db files. I'm looking for something similar for Mac files.
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