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    Mystery Exploit

    the code planted by the attackers was also extremely sophisticated, using encryption and covert channels to hide itself, and was written from scratch, rather than cookie-cutter code pulled from other exploits
    Anyone has more information concerning a 0-day exploit codenamed "Aurora". Every article I stumpled upon went from Google being hack all the way to 34 major companies being pwned by this exploit. Some articles have you believe every version of Microsoft Internet explorer including Windows 7 version are all vulnerable and they do not know how to fix it. I read other articles saying the attacks are caused by "trojan" emails with Microcrap products. Every article I read is a summary as if they are trying to protect Microsoft or prevent Hackers from pwning the Microsoft world. How can they just single out China if they don't know what they are chasing?

    Again...does anyone have a juicy explanation of what is going on?

    Chinese cyberspies used a vulnerability that reflects state-level sophistication.
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