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I know, I'm sorry, I should have warned you I was dropping weight fast. The funny part is that I didn't take anything to help and managed to piss off some of my bigger family members because they asked how I managed to lose literally 160 pounds without dieting or pills.... I said I ate Chocolate and drank Cherry Pepsi.

My guess is it was the energy drinks. I down more Caffeine than most people have in a week. Caffeine DOES help with that. And I do lift weights because of my spine because it's either that or be fat... And I LIKE looking down every day and going "Ah there you are!"

The Ghost Town part is because everyone who's logging in, isn't posting. Same number of people are online.

And no one here has been banned for anything stupid since JP stopped being the admin. (The Founder, who banned a lot of people for very stupid reasons, Doppie probably knows about that).
Yeah. JP's a douche.

Brad's cool though. Odd pairing.

The only bans I remember were all well deserved. A large number were my own... I seem to remember being a sexy Mexican and offending some people. The|Specialist got banned each week for being himself... Then of course the AntiPoints wars, etc.

What I really miss are the in depth discussions we used to have, especially catch and chsh.