Greetings Everyone,

Not been here in quite a while, so first off all the best for the New Year!

I could do with a little input from the experts I know frequent AntiOnline. I have been experiencing a problem recently with my PC. It boots up and runs perfectly fine but then seems to lock up at some random point.

Now I say seems to as the mouse pointer just doesn't move but the keyboard responds to num lock and caps lock. Interestingly, at intermittent points the mouse pointer will unfreeze and allow me to briefly move it, but then freezes again. If I stick at it long enough I can get to the point where I can shutdown safely.

I have got AVG and SpyBot S&D and AdAware and A2 and HijackThis and done scans (in safe mode) with upto date definitions etc and turned up nothing, narda, zilch.

Any suggestions?