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Thread: question about sending mass emails

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    Hmmmm..............."to spam or not to spam, that is the question................"

    I guess it is a matter of personal opinion as to the dividing line between spam and legitimate advertising? Personally I see no difference between an e-mail and something stuffed through my letter box.

    You certainly need to be very wary of what you put in the e-mail header, and avoid anything that sounds in the least bit "commercial"

    I would go for "Welcome as a new resident of xyzville" or whatever

    I would also can the idea of a coupon attachment...............give them a code to quote in the body of the e-mail ................. hell you just want to get them in the store right? That gets round the no printer/ run out of ink issue?

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    Yeah....We decided against the coupon! No attachments or embeding in the email, just a short paragraph welcoming them to our town and a couple lines about our store/sale.
    We have done alot of "private letter sales" through snail mail. There are always a few people who mail us back and ask us to remove them from our list (although we always hired a local printing company to print and mail so the address list was never from us).

    All good points posted here. I have my fingers crossed for a sucessful sale but only time will tell.

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