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    Honeypot development

    Hi guys, I'm new here.
    I would like to develop a simple honeypot that can simulate at least a web server and perhaps some other common services like FTP for my coming project.

    Will be coding it using Python, is there any good sites for me to refer to on the tutorial and stuffs?
    I've tried googling around but I can't seem to find a good source.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you taken a look at this site?


    I don't have much experience with honeypots, but that is a site I remember coming across a while back.

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    Thanks for the link westin, will look into it

    Btw, is it fine for me to link a academic survey here?
    Much appreciated if any of you can help me for the input.

    If is not allowed, do let me know, I will remove it ASAP.
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