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    Unhappy Shot In The Foot?

    BitDefender's turn this time round:


    Apparently the problem was caused by a dodgy virus definition which falsely identified a number of essential system components as a well-known trojan, causing the OS to crash and fail to reboot.
    Embarrassingly, it seems that the virus killer update also identified components of its own software as harmful, effectively making it commit suicide.
    It appears to only affect 64bit versions of Windows.

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    you always liked that bitdefender, right nihil ?

    sorry but I pretty much always thought it was crap.

    one of the things that amused me but reinforced my feelings was when they gave away bitdefender condoms at a trade show. trojans/condoms. ok, cute.. but that was stuping pretty low

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    To be honest I have never used it or even seen it in use. I believe it is Romanian in origin, and got re-badged.

    It only seems to work with XP or above, and the free edition is on demand scanning only.

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