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    Hardware Diagnostic Software

    Any recommendations for good bootable hardware diagnostic software? I have been using Eurosoft's PC Check, but don't feel like it's the best software out there.

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    The Wolfman loves the Eurosoft's PC Check. But if you are looking for an alternative, you may want to consider the open-source grml.org
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    Hmmm................... the search for the Holy Grail continues?

    I use the Ultimate Boot CD and tack on whatever diagnostics I want.

    Hey, if this was easy we would all be replaced by a computer?

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    Hitachi's Drive Fitness Test (DFT) is very good. It's deceptively simple (pass/fail) but very accurate. It also offers sector repair in select circumstances depending on the outcome of the test.

    Memtest86 is great for testing RAM.

    I use the two above in addition to Eurosoft's PC Check. I actually like PC Check.

    If you want to try something different, I've had some success with PC Doctor in the past. At least I think that's what is was called....been awhile.

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    Yes, the Hitachi tool is good, but over here we tend to use the manufacturer specific diagnostics, as they will give you the RTB/RTM documentation if the drive is still in warranty A lot of drives have a 3 year warranty but the OEM only gives you a year..............you just send them the drive back with the paperwork and they replace it.

    I tend to use the UBCD and just add tools that I find useful such as Recuva:


    I don't think that there actually is a "best", you just need the boot facility and add your own stuff and keep it updated.

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