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Thread: how would i make this happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by westin View Post
    lol. Or make him/her do a full days work with Opera. :-P
    This means WAR ! YOU HEAR ME .. WAR !

    On the topic-

    if you just want to play around you can put command prompt with shutdown switch (be smart here) in the startup entries..
    Parth Maniar,

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    Hmmmm, interesting!

    From my experience, more recent versions of Windows will try to warn you if you are running out of disk space, so you generally get a chance to reboot into safe mode and clear stuff out.


    All HDDs come with their own operating system, microcode or "firmware".............a bit like the BIOS of a MoBo?

    I managed to destroy my first machine with it.... I'm not kidding; I accidentally double clicked on this thing because it wasn't zipped for some reason, and I instantly hit the power button, while staring at the monitor showing a DOS window, and when I turned the machine back on, nothing....
    That suggests that you didn't fill the HDD...............I am willing to bet that your little proggy flashes the HDD firmware such that the BIOS sees the drive as something quite different from what it really is?

    I have never tried it of course, but perhaps using the manual settings for the HDD in the BIOS setup might get it recognised? Obviously, the autodetect and preconfigured settings won't work.

    The other option would be to try to persuade the HDD manufacturer to give you the program to re-flash the firmware for that particular model.


    AFAIK you cant format a full hard drive...its pooched...as I believe to format it you need room to write the MFT
    I would use this:


    That will wipe the drive completely and leave it in an empty and unformatted state.

    If I wanted to recover data I would use this first:


    This just boots externally and reads the drive at a low level..........doesn't use MFTs or any Windows stuff. It rips the files and tries to re-assemble them.

    Oh what exactly are the laws of sending people some malicious batch files? like deleting registry files? isn't it their fault if they open up a .bat file?
    But it is you who will have committed the felony offence

    what exactly are the laws of sending viruses?
    Pretty much the same as for a drive-by shooting? = felony?

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    Thanks Nihil

    I knew there was probably something that may recover it....I am not so much involved with that stuff anymore...I have people that do that

    I have used data recovery tools for corrupted drives etc...pen drives...undelete tools etc

    When I was training for my certs many many moons ago ...NT4 Server...we had a prank that we used to put in the startmenu..where when the user logged on a window would pop up and ask are you sure you want to delete C:\WINNT...and it would then to look like it deletes all the files.....and then a window pops up ....are you sure you want to restart now....and then the screen would go black....hahahahah. Nothing actually happened to the machine...and by hitting esc you could exit the bugger.

    Oh...and lets not forget the old BSOD screen saver....

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil View Post
    Don't even think about it...............the days of boys having fun have long gone.

    Schools, colleges, employers, and the law take a very dim view of this sort of thing and totally overreact in many cases.
    I don't see how you can say that knowing I've been using computers to my advantage, with impunity, going on for the last decade.

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    Oh...and lets not forget the old BSOD screen saver....


    Yes................now a quasi-official Microsoft product.............just in case you can't get any real ones of your own

    ByTe!................where's the good stuff like this from the Linux community?

    And why can't I set the Opera crash screen as my screensaver?

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    They have the BSOD screensaver for Linux. People are always asking me if there is something wrong with my computer when it comes on. heh.

    It is part of the XScreensaver package.

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    The HD filler works by making a bunch of copies of itself and misc folders over and over again until it's full. The one that screwed the disk itself, heh, BIOS itself didn't work for fixing either. Like I said, I've still never seen anything like it before.

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    Hi gore,

    The one that screwed the disk itself, heh, BIOS itself didn't work for fixing either.
    That would seem to confirm my suspicion that it actually flashed the HDD's firmware?

    If you are feeling brave:


    Seagate HDD firmware:




    // Off Topic but about HDDs//

    If you try to repair a drive by replacing the "motherboard" do check that it has the same firmware version or it won't work

    Replacing the board on Fujitsu drives probably won't work anyway as the firmware is uniquely identified to the drive in at least some models.

    // //

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    Quote Originally Posted by morganlefay View Post
    ahh...good luck with that

    AFAIK you cant format a full hard drive...its pooched...as I believe to format it you need room to write the MFT

    Dont know for sure...maybe some other OS can do it...but I doubt it

    I am a windows girl

    i think if you overwrite the whole drive with killdisk it would still work ill have to find an old drive and try that , but all the persons data would be gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by gore View Post
    Basically I kept my HD killer, a few of the more interesting Viruses I came across, some trojans, back doors, and of course the HD filler, and ONE .exe that I still haven't figured out.

    I've always been interested in that exe, haha. Ever since I joined AO. Have you ever attempted to reverse engineer it? To see what it is actually doing? What about running it in a virtual machine, on an old HD?

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