Hi there,
I'm trying to recover a password for a membership-only site, (i have the username just not the password),

Sorry for this long winded tale, i just wanted to make sure all you really helpful people had all the facts. As you can probably tell from the rambling that follows, I'm getting lost in a maze of different file paths, encryption and password types etc etc etc ....

I have no prior knowledge of this at all but have tried to research it extensively my self online; i have now reached the point where its totally beyond me!!

The password / username had been saved on my laptop via the remember me thingy (tho the password was obviously replaced with dots), so all i had to do was go back into the address bar, and i could access the account.

I stupidly put a different account in the same site, and since then the original login details have disappeared.

I have NOT deleted any browsing history etc, but i have done a system restore (however the restore point was after the date i was first able to access the account, in a vain attempt to retrieve the lost account details). Also there has been an automatic update of some description (you know the type where the pc restarts itself, it was at this point i could no longer access the account after the laptop re started).

Through google stuff i've found my way to recommended registry files; but they are gobildy-**** and i dont know what else to do with them!

I have also found my way to files within Application Data\Microsoft\Credentials; but either cant open the file types or they are in gobildy-****!

I have also tried a free-download password finding software, which has given me all my email passwords, but not the membership site i'm looking for (I have added the login address of the site in question, to a word-pad file that the software instructions suggested).

Is there anyway at all to retrieve this password?
If so, would anyone by kind enough to put it down in extra simple step-by-step terms.

Incase this helps...
internet explorer version 7.0;
vindows vista home basic version 6.0
there is only one user account on the laptop

Thanks in advance for any advice at all. x