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Thread: TXT Fraud

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    TXT Fraud

    Hey AO.

    So I put my resume up on Craigslist a few weeks ago in hopes that someone may see it and offer me a job. Anyhow, today I get a text message on my phone from 1110440603 (which I believe is associated with yahoo messenger) offering me a job. He says it's 1300 a month and I work only four days a week. He speaks broken English and he's texting me about a job from a yahoo messenger account.

    I got nothing but time today, so I decide to play along.

    Through a series of text messages and eventually Yahoo messenger, I learn that it's a job doing payroll, and that I'll have to purchase some business checks and software (Versa?) locally from Office Depot (I'll be reimbursed of course! ). I'll also need to get free large envelopes from UPS and FedEx. He even e-mailed me a very poor excuse for an application, which I filled out and sent back to him. (basically name, phone, address, ethnicity and country)

    I told him that I was unable to afford the software, but that I could get the checks and the envelopes. He said that he would provide me with a link to dl the software for free if I got the checks first.

    Anyway, the guy thinks I'm on my way to Office Depot right now to buy the checks.

    How do you think this will play out? What should I do next? I know that eventually he's going to ask for me to send him some money or something, right? Strange, though, that he would have me buy all this other stuff first - I guess the logic is that once I've already got some $$$ invested in the deal, I'll be more inclined to do what he asks..?

    Feedback, folks! Thanks.
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    lol I hate Craigslist for this reason among others.

    I would look online to see the uptodate Versa package and such. Tell him you are "trying to install" the Versa software. Come up with the typical install error. Try to get him to help you. If he doesn't try to help you, thats a definite clue that he is up to no good.

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    Tell him you want 500$ worth in sexual lubricants. Or a copy of the DVD "Snakes on a Plane" as payment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The-Spec View Post
    Tell him you want 500$ worth in sexual lubricants. Or a copy of the DVD "Snakes on a Plane" as payment.

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