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    Question Installing new software, have to remove sql 2005 first?


    If this is not the right place, please move it to the right place.

    My company wants me to install a certain piece of software on a computer running Windows SQL 2005. They tried to install it before I came in and had problems.

    I read the directions and called the company. While installing software the computer can not have SQL 2005 on it; but can have it on afterwards. The support personal said that I would have to remove 2005 inorder to properly install the software and then reinstall 2005 after.

    My question is, is there anyway around this? I'll go through the process. However, I do not want to if at all possible. I figure this is not possible, however I will give it a shot.

    They said some of the components are the same and when the installer reads them it will not install the needed components.

    Thanks in advance

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    Anyhow backup backup, un-install the 05 software. Install the needed program and re-install the 05.

    if not setup another machine install the software then clone the SQL stuff onto it, see if anything bad happens if not then do the same onto the "live" machine.

    if the "Company" that you rang told you this then it would be advised to just do it that way bad things don't happen and a big mess happens.

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