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Thread: Need help cracking a password

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    Need help cracking a password

    buddies i need your help cracking a password

    this is the URL


    It just has the password field.

    Im shure its only numbers like 8 or 9 digits.

    I tried using BRUTUS but it gives me just wrong passwords.
    CAN I Get some of ur help? im shure it just will take you like 2 o 3 three minutes.

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    Anyone?? Help

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    why do you need to break into what appears to be a University login area?

    just request a password reset if your an actual student/staff member.

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    CasinoForever, well I suppose welcome to AO for what looks like a VERY short stay?

    You appear to write very good English?............ so why can't you read it as well? Our terms and conditions clearly state that we do not support illegal activities...........what you are asking is illegal, even in Mexico?

    Please also be aware that some countries will prosecute their citizens for illegal activities in countries who do not consider the activity illegal internally?

    It took less than five minutes.............wot a tosser?

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    buddies i need your help cracking a safe

    this is the URL


    It just has the combination lock.

    Im shure its only numbers like 8 or 9 digits.

    I tried using BRUTE FORCE but it gives me broken hands.
    CAN I Get some of ur help? im shure it just will take you like 2 o 3 three minutes.

    /Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

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    Buddies I need your help cracking a Skull. The location is here:


    I know it should only take 8 or 9 whacks with a hammer, and I've tried using APs, but it's given me dry hands, I can haz sum help?

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    Perhaps CasinoRoyale should go to Vegas or Atlantic City and bet his shirt on #4 RED on the roulette wheel?


    C4 and 1,000 yards of command wire?


    Maybe this guy is after the formula for swine flu?

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    Try one of these:
    D?nYDz2' W=7{8j>- N72'4XUX 8)ww1=B8 3A:DAPBS <53wA-Qq ]91S<k\r 6[[Y,&k&
    %c#3K05D w3n$!DNe ut7Tn|a6 x5~M9-u- C{}+r)8_ <NQ0ytt% '}'5SwwB n/=:v1V4
    2^Jmb<p5 0t7+%#L+ $0G`53(p ?8'Y?&r> *i/fZ}2t 8B-bZ-ap t%OpuR9} <8b$>(SZ
    5-jAe"Wr sz]Blg|1 &Oi+XCy2 ?Ua!I|3{ :1'Zb:U/ /dfc7(D{ ]J|xEvT7 4'N|G3+G
    }1xP*_2I X8z_+i_y 0qg8.MGD z4@+:9Fs n-5VoZh4 v1N@7KW2 r_O|\0/b 0l0iZuy|
    D{7mo|j< gr"[4K~E 5Q$t*)&F \Q,J8iMX YQ(74Xkv o\Z9<rF6 5_rW2zH* Uhq'Kd6>
    S{r5)|$3 e^(0w*Vk rL4i]x^] *av55d*C \n!S)x4r =LpMA{9R !4IxD'`c 5Z()4R$9
    nP1|6!Cu )qSc77WI b!9-D.a( K/%k8v]* 7Rphstg= 0-5j^oAe c-l{Cd3o .g9eQjh\
    ^]12Q6IB ~7ho|H/; SnC$88QI ,9hh>-KE 1+DsWCLL Q*oXI0Ak YVF58%'C cO*)"3&:
    ~M)ie45F =1B=Y++R ~9N"FTJ+ *RS>_J`4 zlt?9e&D }3ST'}D' "5&F)wo/ sB9P{F+l
    TpR/M``7 [xXxM5<e A).%vK@0 1tN6dlp\ \gG;7/7_ 3~W:Dek1 Xr3\OcOF Fq8u+%8i
    SgJ56uI_ 4u<qqS0: y~tA4`=U S_zE;mp1 5d9?Zlg8 LwH04U]W `r9;OZYQ s&N3u{W|
    D)`7I*O[ iXI2m>mW %5&r!'I@ 8OC?4,#P LvK@1v8j &"5Hq!@P 8HkG*=1B cOq0A`H/
    :P5:aW$, Sz0:9/Ai E~!EN0Fh uX21w"+L 7sP8-gp& K=eTaQ2# RN(2olI? B5Zv8D"]
    pK\87E.- &=9X\A0o ?uEx.5{) C2;d8{If ZJ~:l4'; t;<3jH>- M8of>5[i Bg`xKKd5
    \Nh{H2S\ l'K5{:sG "8]vkl)Q KAd9'OA9 ]4;=A6"$ ak^vKU5! ]7Q<3JQD C9Qxt9$]
    `<"%0g:D ]lM1QH@$ l$3389|S %49/\BMJ cSk#@{<6 2k[eO(,I ap)0;YO: ]OW5l;9<
    =<d*%2Z} Y#f9YffH ~Z~U0G[i @3=NChH* 57Ge<gIg B08aR|V. ^L1@4]x] Y\FMf%S2
    dr3*Qxav +ea[6Z1_ c%FgZ9K6 u'Z?bQh4 I/A1eY|V 8vuRwU?Q ?Q2jm73] OG(WYfO4
    *u-PV1;J )<qa5r?M Yp(.8(2w ^r-2gD|+ <aO5rt?6 2*YskT1# G2;&ebMv Zt3fl0d`
    3r@U/'Ib K2mlC|H6 Q*R0-M]P ](1OO<xk sEms/1_- [6A'UhSH ,8WTc%By ]Q2k!0x>
    2Qip+CC` 66^Pef\b }UPf1?s$ ]aEovfm5 Zq0sHQ3* #V8e?FPL #\E!@9zE 6J%^DbK`
    NU?tx3Cg PT$,C:A7 ^?lMRkJ4 9T}SK06_ E4>9+;Ga 4TR1G[PN S8,@8v7` yo|)lH4d
    4B\;Q%], z=<5c\!J )=<<2#CU Ye@Z1rCQ K:9%+&jA T[Gv9+vT |!V4qzgB W$jADrS0
    L#+gz4UM {hrF+6GK Nj50z]@< 7>xuyH*# v]]C"1I2 kQ,n[]6/ {:SIzy4t &7jT!&EY
    .]1Y,L.4 J`h[-6a2 M)0N^Y~/ PwVhX@Y5 _pkZSZc7 Ly%8cY*g 1:):*iZ[ 6J&FW/dI
    9i@|T:5U 1.3A3sx~ KJn*t!B1 Ia=1G+Js lR<@GN5i -,T~w4%) *38'jhRA Zz1OD;I^
    P-T2,W9t N;E]n#0R VL_b4rxq zQ"rW506 6%WDaXQq I$z8`R:1 \!0m17OH N1O7_'Og
    8VT-.K=w Hx7t{!4+ 2BWu#Xv@ $kOHI5F! s!V[3iGu =F^'6\SB |9apipNm >9u]I<D~
    nF7]NE&K 6;S}~m{Q fL@Oe4[/ ^K1+KuI` BT1+N->y ,-7`7^Wc o0Y8j$F3 8CiS!BX$
    X~B4Xdp9 5hZ%o)yQ 1DvD81-j ~y??2&B} ?Q>\M*@0 M3w~)z-q 3{o6&fCB POxIs5y)
    9*/OP~8B _uVNtW8z TH$\w<2T {.%V<4Jr OEGF0f%F Ha~1$%s; Z%Ia8=_{ R.7YE!cf
    ioevl.5I W9*d8(7% /N/@1R{' gbR6$dEJ 4j_Jo6sZ 7B[AT8+3 6VD]k#a{ N#$tH0_T
    Tk4k@X-z U."-(T5Y y]9T19Fh 0)cZgK98 pZ+2-#uw RvT!z3~{ |\1_`SrC Cmk9PeE<
    zXW0=Jbe _xMcY4JX <nu$U7G6 Pzu`jb^8 O4LGTcG" 8\}m5Jar /ttSOYs8 Ez[v2ZRV
    O<z2}3Xe <41U/5sS 66Byqf:D 6~<#B$l{ 5|=#CzR? uB*qVR99 H0bzC16~ (0vTfwk"
    #nM,~EO3 EU6.KmzC l3I/5os% ld4e!ZvE 9(JF{AIy m/9MNa{5 ziFzk2;{ 2pxX2H|9
    -p7OF=`> Re[8tdCF a/]IQ3F< `6+18K*W !aowO<C2 dj-KZ1g. >6vSM\-9 @Y67O@*H
    ~nw{WO7- -F;BFbz6 rP*0+NdR n4Z<D#LG ,5?u<}G^ OVu`9Z{b 4G4#.9<` c"F%r!"6
    RM<6`FXF \zD(d9CW \wZq~3s2 C*O\l'l2 V1&_&Xq3 Wt6=TQr! HFF+^D*1 3]{Pl.\5
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    (k2JqDH2 SS8T?vVL Og3opO#f ,W>}4,`V $v7A<.j1 x)b:7J6z 0]XSz^]} U;dkY-(6
    lbK0g!Hq iwdJ8x,J 'a)jGrz4 @u4((wR@ dz7N|PHN =hYSG(}8 O{LS}3.Q V6V:@)F|
    il%?$%3T !_HOfB=8 jB<c8E}y lLiC7eL$ n5!kbS]b u/X/}r5W VSnJ3$4D H-jc8?R&
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    n\&3STTn ZUcop7'V 37t/9Uti 24MbZg%{ /eK47Bg( _YdJ)=5( /@hvS6b& 0dIN7f$E
    HIoCh5?[ =N{A0TtN M5k3T^v0 l6fF21[_ $J}r>~61 w3Gj7'w\ 5~iJ_B_~ W<A*hr2#
    }bQG8|6V KeE?L'1- 9QHpn$fy 4B^-Z9X_ %oQYLf3W aiDh-_Q8 Q9?<QUPq 4GGD/!Nu
    `RE=la"7 7}yVtjX} =30oLx'Z 3RpFF4(q f7n,Gdj5 9L]#?VJ= 6Y`bN|R5 0T>_$C<w
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    I+94r6<= NS?si;@8 lz=3oE9W "Jr4VWSG +UWf9R0F /*a+I=03 !9)XkQ&+ 7-voJL&2
    |?R64ZB_ Zw:23)Y` OSP4;0A~ ?~3A~[b! -^,Judj8 fN@9a&qK N`)%9ts: `FH`7@t]
    ^4])Uxl> 7ocs^W9y !,j/.BL9 dR"8#gB" J&5Rz-.! k4Gm!uz} I4.7j~SW 9sLImy%3
    GKX!bJG1 8|l-`@jE uX|C}C6p {OA9mr9Z [tWs3k\' A":*0=,} _TP"3ik+ ,)6lyQ(2
    @ CyberB0b,
    The safe is open already, no need to crack it. Besides, there is nothing in it...
    Computers do not have problems, they have users.

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    ohai im new to this internet thing.

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    Sorry, Its my own personal policy to only hit up really lame and unimportant websites. Oh wait... that site IS lame and unimportant.

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