you won't be able to download them as you need to log in.
And you won't be able to do that because it won't recognise your user profile

the domain was still active and working when JP owned the place.
Actually it wasn't...............certainly not "active" towards the was just a repository for odds and ends and archived stuff like the obsolete text files (most of which seem to be .zips) and the archived downloads.

then Jupitermedia took over, and slowly screwed the place up.
Actually they turned it into a respectable, professional IT Security and Support site, rather than the skiddiewink site that it had gained a reputation as.

They bought something they didn't know/understand how to market correctly.
Well they certainly had more expertise that the amateur who sold it for a pittance?

Unfortunately, skiddiewink sites don't generate advertising revenue as skiddiewinks have no purchasing power or influence. Jupitermedia knew what they were doing.

when we switched from Jp's vbulletin version to the default vbulletin 3.* version at lot of stuff was not ported over.
No, I am sure that material went quite a bit earlier, as I have said. If you look at the current (discussion forum) domain of the period you will see that those links just aren't there?

JPV's problem was that he had no knowledge of the realities of senior IT management, procurement, development, design or architecture. He broke one of the fundamental rules by purchasing a closed source proprietary product and bastardising its inner workings.

If you decide to take this route then you must make sure of one of two things:

1. The modifications are made by the vendor and you have a support contract for YOUR version.

2. You maintain the staff to support the modifications yourself. In which case make sure that you have the source and systems documentation, and keep it up to date.

The preferred approach would be to ringfence the core application and build add-ons, plug-ins, and interfaces; knowing that you would be responsible for systems integration each time the product was upgraded. You could then upgrade the core product, but would need to keep a close eye on the integration issues.

However, JPV and his little elves went their own way

The net result was that we ended up with a system that couldn't be updated using the vendor's software as it would crash. And the trouble with little elves is that they discover beer, wimmin (or blokes) and purchasing power (or retail therapy) and clear off

So, there was no way we could use any updating tools...........we had to do it all by hand.........a very daunting task................

As you will see from the waybackmachine. just like the tools & toys link from the front page got taken away during the upgrade. Just never got put back.
No, that was deliberate...........stuff that didn't work (IP Locator) was just wrong (site statistics), or just did not fit on the front page of a professional site, were removed. Basically, the front page was far too crowded with links that were just irrelevant or obsolete (AO in the news, archived downloads, etc.). As for "Tools & Toys"...............errr............... a link to two poxy DOS games belongs on the front page?

The main problem or loss from the upgrade was that because the later version used a quite different mapping convention from our bastardised version, we lost internal links to posts/threads, and correct mapping of polls to threads.

I am not entirely sure, but I think that we lost attachments for the same reason. I know the current size limits are smaller but I cannot imagine the system retrospectively deleting them, and I haven't found a single one that is still there.

Just my perspective on things