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    So I installed Itunes

    So I installed I tunes and then removed it. What I didn't see was that I was also removing 100Gb's of my music. Now this wasn't I tunes fault, it was mine.

    I tried some software magic uneraser and similar to try and get the data back but it would either freeze or wouldn't pick up the correct folder name I had when it got deleted so I wouldn't know if that is what I was looking for.

    On Windows 7, can anyone suggest anything.

    Doesnt matter the price of the software, just something that will retireve folder X with filename X inside and not File001 in folder001 ...

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    re-install Itunes, and see if it picks the music/folder back up.

    that's the problem with those sorts of apps, they "Import" your stuff and don't mention during the un-install process that there going to take your precious content down to hell with them.

    If the re-install doesn't bring back the data, then i'd say start your collection over again.

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