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    Phishing banking email

    Hi All,

    A colleague father at work got hit with a phishing email. As he is the old Joe soap he never thought twice only to find out that around R22 000 ($3000) had been transferred from his account.

    Now I don't know the details however you need an auto generated PIN number which gets sent to your cellphone when you want to do the transfer. However it was done.

    Now I suppose the phishers had his cellphone number and did something there but I doubt it.

    Anyone in the line of work to protect against this sort of thing , could please comment.

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    Doesn't his bank protect or reimburse for this sort of thing? My only experience with sort of thing was going to one of those sites intentionally, intending to fill in all sorts of incorrect and extremely rude information. When I got to the page it attempted to download a trojan.

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    Make sure he knows to watch for follow up attempts. Sometimes, they will come back for more money, saying they are close to catching the scammer, and need the account info to xfer the funds back.
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