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    Motherboard needed

    Hello there
    Im building a new computer and so far i have bought:

    Windows 7 64 bit
    AMD Phenom II X4 965
    4 gbs DDR3 1600

    I want to get the best out of these parts and was wondering what the best motherboard would be

    I have read that the memory would only run at 1333 with this processor is that true

    Any help would be greatful

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    Im looking to use the amd 790fx chipset or the amd 890gx
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    I have read that the memory would only run at 1333 with this processor is that true
    Yes. RAM will work maximum at processor clock speed.
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    Partial to ASUS boards ... usually feature rich, stable, newer models boast better power bridges & supposedly higher copper usage.

    I've used Abit, Asus, Soyo, ECS/Elite ... but usually return to Asus more often. Easier to stick with a major brand, look for highest usage and highest postive reviews, and let those be your guide.. (along with price)

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    Thanks for the replies. I shall drop the memory down to ddr3 1333. After much thought i believe i will go for the ASUS M4A89GTD PRO.

    Now i just need a graphics card, i will probably go for a 1 gb card Geforce 9800GT.

    Now a final question. What psu should i get, im not sure what kind of power i will need.

    Thanks in advance
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    yeah agreed on asus boards being about the best... always pretty much stay FAR AWAY from ECS boards.

    power supplies.. in fact, PSUs are probably one of the most important parts of a box that you want to get right. cheap ones might say they have 800 watts or whatnot but they are likely to not be well filtered. so what you'll get is a lot of high frequency noise, (mucho spikage) and what that will do is degrade the life of the components you are powering. now keep in mind that all these power supplies are switching power supplies, so all with have some sort of high freq noise.. you just dont want one with boatloads of it.

    did a quickie google search and this site came up about no name brands vs name brands

    and this site here comes to the general conclusion that the quality of the supply can be determined by weight. http://www.directron.com/psu.html I tend to agree..

    they mention a few good brands.. EnerMax, Delta, PC Power & Cooling, Enhance, Antec, CWT, and SPI.

    I've had enermax, deltas and antecs.. I would suggest going with an antec

    if you are a gamer and are going to install 2 or more high end video cards.. get something in the 1000 watt range. if nothing special for video cards, you should be safe with an 800 watt supply.. typically you won't really be drawing anywhere near 800 watts the average will be much less, it's just important to have the overhead.. think of it like an audio amp, if you run out of headroon there, you start clipping giving you distortion, with power supplies for computers, reaching the max on power availability will end up giving to poor regulation and prolly some increase in noise.

    good luck, have fun.. I miss building boxes,.. haven't done one for 2 years.. last one was a water cooled gaming rig for a friend. (2 video cards, he had a 1200 watt supply)

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