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    overall site help

    I think the site would benefit from some advertising revenue. Not collecting revenue from IBM from the ads at the top here, but SPENDING some revenue to get traffic here. Is there an antionline FB page? How about finding a volunteer to put up a blog on Blogspot? That's free! I see AO is page 1 for keyword "computer security forum"... that's a good start for generating traffic.

    Is the page just not "sticky"? How about some added visual appeal? Maybe find a template that makes the page look more "solid" instead of white / black / blue? I would be willing to bet either there are some nicer free templates or an AO user might be willing to create something easier on the eyes. Maybe some gradient background... or???

    How about a downloads section for some AO recommended free tools? Can you get a deal going with software developers to promote their "try it free" network sniffers, or offer the best freeware in a downloads area? Or maybe if bandwidth / disk space is an issue can you link to cNet downloads for some recommended tools?

    Beef up the tutorials! Pictures pictures pictures!- compressed pictures that is. Lots of people have better learning retention with visual aids. Get in to hosting tutorial videos, or once again link to content on YouTube or something?

    Yea it's a lotta' work but ya never get something for nothing.

    P.S. Yes I know there are links in the tutorials area and elsewhere... but there's usually a lot of searching involved. It'd be nice to have some clearly defined areas for specific categories of downloads n stuff like that.

    I guess just my .02 ha ha.
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    Well... advertising on other sites for AO would be sweet. But what about if its allowed? Dont know about those company rules that some companies have in effect. Heres my deal:

    I just opened a company for computer security solutions (the website will be up shortly, and i will post a link). I would add an advertisement on my site for AO... IF AO would in return add my company AD on their page

    Since I also have a nice and busy chat server with lots of security and unix gurus, i would in return also advertise AO on there and its forums.

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    The social networking site suggestion won't work. You need to have fresh stuff everyday. However, having said that, the underlying concept is both interesting and attractive IMO.

    My take would be to start from the top and look at the entire Quin Street portfolio and divide it by underlying interests. Then create the SN sites for the groups.

    That way you get one hit at the SN site that could produce several hits across the group, thus maximising the potential of existing traffic?

    How about some added visual appeal?
    No chance! it is not like the accepted format for IT Tech and News sites. You visit sites like ours for content, not eye candy. The issue is one of getting interesting content, rather than how it is presented.

    How about a downloads section for some AO recommended free tools?
    We already have a comprehensive downloads section. Problem is nobody seems to be responsible for it and most of the numerous sections haven't been updated for years.

    Also, to recommend something you must test it, which needs time and equipment. $$$$$$$$$$$???

    Can you get a deal going with software developers to promote their "try it free" network sniffers
    If you look in the "enterprise" section of "downloads" you will find this. It is also pretty much up to date, as I presume it is maintained by its vendors.

    Beef up the tutorials!
    I think that you can regard tutorials as a thing of the past as far as this site is concerned. Our software just doesn't support anything that I would consider to be a workable format...........text...diagram/picture...text etc.......

    One thing that should be more easily achieved is to increase the size of attachments. The current defaults are way below what we used to have and are pretty much inadequate for a lot of purposes.

    Yea it's a lotta' work but ya never get something for nothing.
    How very true!

    Incidentally, traffic isn't what it is about.........it is the quality of traffic that gets advertising revenue............you need purchasing authority or influence. To attract those types you need quality of content.

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