What has become of AO?
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Thread: What has become of AO?

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    What has become of AO?

    This place used to be poppin'! Lately it seems like there is one post every other day!

    What do you all think has caused the lack of interest in AO? What could be done to bring activity back to the level of the glory days?

    I miss this community... *sniffle*

    Also - where do all the AOers hang out nowadays? Surely you're all still posting on other forums? Are there any IRC channels any of you frequent? I know I used to talk to a lot of AO members on microburn's site unerror.com, but he's done away with it and his new project freenode.net is even slower than this place...

    I joined computerforum.com a few days ago, and it's alright for helping people w/ general computer questions, etc, but I'd like to find a new infosec forum that is as active as AO once was...

    Questions? Comments? Things you'd like to think about?
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    Was thinking the same thing a few minutes ago. This is the first time I've logged on in months. These days, I spend a lot more time on social networks that didn't exist when I was active on AO. I miss the days when there were hundreds of people logged on here concurrently.

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    hmmm the unfortunate thing is that AO was bought by a company that did now know how to advertise or run it to it's potential.

    and so far it appears the new owners (Quinn St) are most likely going to continue to let this place rot away further.

    as for other sites i browse DG and browse other infosec related blogs. Currently im involved in a compsec type project, still got awhile before it will go live.

    used to chill in the un-official IRC channel that microburn ran.

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    There's no one answer. Some people didn't like it when we upgraded the forum software, from the antiquated and hacked to pieces version that was here. Forums as a whole have been at least partially supplanted by the emergence of other social networking sites, such as some of those aforementioned ones.

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    Who knows, is a pretty feeble answer. But correct for public view. Anyway, Antionline is categorized as public bulletin boards and forums AND as Hacking in Websense. So none of my work users can get here. I am an ass if nothing else.

    I would like to blame the loss of tuts, but they were getting old and no one was writing any thing new. Most of the stuff I have violates AO's AUP.

    There are a few good forums out there. I still hang out on IRC.

    As I recall the majority of users, when I joined and the board was active, were still in school or fresh out of school. So I'm guessing life happened.

    Who knows!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinowuff View Post
    Most of the stuff I have violates AO's AUP.
    Post 'em anyhow. I'm sure Joe can make an exception for an innocent sec tutorial.

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    Ghost Hunters being a hit show, and them putting the full video of something on the DVDs so you can inspect it yourself, it's hard to think it's faked.
    That's a joke right?

    I *hate* that friggin' show. It's always the same thing:
    "We're here in this abandoned building where people have reported seeing strange apparations and hearing little girls crying. It's 3am - dead time..."

    ~camera guy kicks over a broom~

    Kid1: "Dude! What was that! DUDE! Did you hear that!?"

    ~pitter-patter, pitter-patter, camera shaking everywhere why these kids pretend to freak out~

    Kid1: "Dude - I feel like... I dunno... Like a sadness"
    ~Kid1 looks all tweaked-out~

    Kid2: "Dude - are you ok? You're freaking me out..."
    Kid2 (aside to camera): "Kid1 is acting really weird - he's making me really nervous"

    Kid1 to spirits: "If there's anyone in here, show yourself now! Make your presence known!"

    ~tin can rolls around in the wind upstairs~

    Kid1: "Oh my God - I heard that - did you hear that? It's communicating with us!"
    and so on and so forth for the next 30 minutes while I'm sitting there waiting for them to show *one* piece of footage that clearly shows a ghost. Just *one*. And I'm let down every single time.

    I'm not saying ghosts don't exist. I'm just saying I've never seen one. I guess they don't show up on film of any kind.

    But then I'm a skeptic. :P
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    Better to be sceptical of footage than Believe that every orb you see is a person.... That's annoying. And NO, I actually DO like Ghost Hunters. Not what you said of course, that's generally annoying, however, there is a certain member of this forum, who I won't name for privacy reasons, who has a... I guess I'll say interesting area they live in, and they know of the team on the original Ghost Hunters, and have done their own investigations, and some of the video and audio they have come up with, is astounding to say the least.

    My Uncle also does similar stuff for some people, and the things he's seen, and told, sometimes put a shiver up my spine. I don't think every story is just outright a Haunted anything though because sometimes I've seen people say "Oh well, that house is old and there are Ghosts in it" and I'd be like umm why? And then you hear them say they once heard a sound, and most likely it was like floor boards or something.

    I've had people show me pictures of what they said were Ghosts and I'd be like umm, I think you forgot to check the Flash because that surface reflects pretty good, and you basically picked it up on film...

    I've seen people try to take pics where they had the STRAP from the camera show up and they thought THAT was something...

    However I've also seen pictures of some places out in the woods that showed an actual face where there was nothing reflecting anywhere (Outside in the woods, is generally a pretty good way to know you aren't reflecting off walls or something) and I was actually shocked / amazed at what they showed me.

    They took multiple pictures and only one showed this thing, and though Humans pic up faces in things that don't actually show them (I think it's called Matrixing or something like that) and so you'll make out faces even when there are none, but these were legit.

    My Mom has seen some stuff too. She told me about when She was a kid, everyone in the room would hear these noises at night, and that on some occasions, She would wake up and the Blankets would be getting pulled off with no one there. Needless to say that was creepy, and then She showed me the house it happened in, and it was MORE creepy to find out that back before She lived in that house, it was AN INFANT MORGUE... Kind of added to the whole feel.

    But yea, anyway, I've looked at a lot of pictures, a lot of videos, and heard a lot of audio, and I've been able to explain a lot of it, but some, no, there are some things you can't explain, and people like Scientists, who think they're smarter than anyone else, generally look stupid when they try to put scientific stuff into the paranormal.

    Hell, find a Scientist from years ago, and tell them what Ball Lightning is, and they'd think you were some loony the way people talk about Ghosts now.

    By the way, that Hotel in Colorado, that place, is amazing. Watching a Door Open, then close, on it's own, while you hear stuff moving, and youre the only one in the room, you kind of start thinking that Ghosts are real after that.


    Forgot, you wanted proof

    Look for this:

    Ghost Hunters - Saint Augustine Light House

    If that doesn't put a shiver up your spine, you're either not looking in the right spot, or stupid heh. (You'll see a human kind of face look over a railing, then take off up the stairs without setting off the Motion detection Lights).
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    That Ghost Hunters show is .001% reality and 99.998% bullshit. Wasn't there a interview with a person that worked on the show and they said that the whole show is a load off makebelieve...

    now cannibal holocaust is a movie that'll put the shivers up your spine.

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    But in general I think all forums are less busy than they used to be. The one exception would be those associated with a sporting team of some sort. Fans love to complain about their teams.

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