I have some variant of the Zeus virus on my system. I have Avira and have it set to auto update, auto scan every 24 hr.. But this variant of Zeus does not seem to be found by Avira.
Since I don't want to give up yet and reimage my system, I'm using a different system to log on to my financial sites and use ebay / paypal so as to avoid my login info being harvested.

Something I'm noticing may or may not be related...

When I issue the netstat command at a prompt I get what seems to be port loops.
Below is an example of the output from netstat, and the number of "loops" like the one below varies from time to time. Port numbers vary also. I do have Spybot installed, and use the passive protection features to modify my hosts file. I'm guessing these "loops" are foiled attempts from malware / spyware to download more of its kind to my system?
I'm not really understanding the need for my PC to talk to itself outside of the OS??

Proto       Local                   Foreign                    State
TCP        black:2002            localhost:2856           ESTABLISHED
TCP        black:2856            localhost:2002           ESTABLISHED
I'd appreciate anyone who can bring a little clarity to this seemingly odd behavior.

Thank you