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    Potential e-mail vulnerability?

    OK, this is about e-mail so I have put it into network security

    This is how to hack hotmail..............apparently...............

    Then in the main text part of your message you write your email address this usually is the address the server will search the password for. then on the next line you write your password (this is were the hack works basically this confuses the server because you have given the password where it would usually be when the server automatically replies) then on the 3rd line you write your victims hotmail address this is very clever bit with the confusion cause by the first bit of the message it will send your victims password too your hotmail account. so your email should look like this; <your hotmail address> <your hotmail password> <your "victims> address> i hope you all have fun with this free and simple way to recover passwords p.s. this only works if your account is over 48 hours old.
    Naturally, I am NOT going to post the missing bit


    Best reply so far:

    yeah, do exactly what they said. but the really crucial part to make that work is by CCing the email to yourmom@yourmom.com
    so it looks like this

    to: domain.live@hotmail.com
    cc: yourmom@yourmom.com
    subject: password-recovery
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