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    I already did. I have changed high and severe threats to remove, and for the time being I have it scanning every night.

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    sorry it took so long for me to get back here.. life kinda threw me for a loop

    thanks for your input hybr|d and the link that you pm'd me with.

    Albyn ? no.. I only had one other account here.. I was also jenjen.. "she" worked her way up to addicts (with loads of greenies) then fessed up to negative.

    but back to the discussion.. while real life has kept me busy, and basically no time to play, I only get to work on computers if someone brings a box into work for me to fix.

    today however I found a new variant of the rogue AV called "security tool" malwarebytes can't see it, kaspersky's AVPtool didn't find it either. antivir was loaded on the box and it went right thru it's active component.

    normally it'll be a eight number exe file which is hidden in all users /app data but this one was 6 numbers hidden in local user and it wasn't in the traditional place in the registry either this one was in MUI..

    I'm gonna give it to malwarebytes and also tell get some info to grinler @ bleepingcomputer so that maybe he can update his removal instructions..

    not sure if I'll bother with kaspersky yet.. antivir.. well.. hell, I can't fix the world today, maybe some other day

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