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    I think he just proved my point. I usually end up laughing because he gets so mad that it's cute. I'd say he does 90% of his daily bitching in the car. I lived in Montreal for 10 years and had to put up with the way people drive there, I'm not going to get all upset over someone going 5 under the speed limit, I know it could bey far worse than that.
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    Minivan driver here, it's not the car it's the driver. I bought mine with a larger 6 cylinder engine so it wouldn't be a dog. I also live in a "hilly" state and want to be able to get somewhere in one day

    The drivers that are going to cause more accidents are the "hyper-miling" hybrid drivers, who won't alter their speed or flow through traffic to allow merging. It's good to be "green."


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    hmm over here it's the minivan soccer mum's whom speed and carpark rage not to mention the 1's driving the 4x4's doing the same.

    I just put it down that they drive those big children killer cars for intimidation factor half of them i swear carn't see over the dashboard.

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    I have not ever seen a License plate from Vermont OR Aussieland here. I've seen New York, Ohio, and Indiana, a couple Illinois, but that's about it. The rest of the plates in Michigan are either Michigan or Canada (Mostly Ontario, but once in a while Alberta and Quebec rarely).

    The only issue I have with people from Ontario is that they see our speed limit signs, and they think sometimes it's in Kph. So when most people are doing 45 MPH, you'll see one lane backed up with an Ontario plate doing around 20 MPH because that's about 45 Kph, and it's every once in a while because here, our speed limit signs don't say "MPH" on them, yet, when you're coming from Canada, the signs say "50 Kph, 30 MPH" on the bridge. So it's not like there wasn't a warning that Kph and MPH are very different.

    Minivans are still a huge problem here at least. Soccer Moms here seem like idiots. The Hockey Moms are the ones you have to watch here. They'll turn from a far lane into a parking lot without any warning at all.

    It's like "OK, your kid can move on ice better than YOU can without 4 tires???? WOW!"...
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    You missed your chance, in 2006 I spent a week at MSU in East Lansing with that van full of Boy Scouts. I don't even want to tell you how long to clean that puppy out after that round trip, still have to replace one of the rear speakers in the stereo!

    "Somehow saying I told you so just doesn't cover it" Will Smith in I, Robot

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