greetings all.

its been sometime i posted here. have been around on and off once or twice last couple of months. busy with other stuff.

the other day, was reading this pdf on "history of hacking" and came across this following entry

[2000 Oct 28]
After 9 million hack attempts security web site AntiOnline is defaced by Australian hacker 'ron1n' ('n1nor').
AntiOnline was deemed "unhackable" by the sites owner, John Vranesevich , but a poorly coded cgi script(s) written by
Vranesevich led to the hack.
and i am like.....i gotta check this out once i am online again. didnt get much. anyways it was before i was around on the site.

the seniors here would know something about it.

so is the thing true? there has to be an article on the internet about it.

cheers all