I wonder?

Does anybody know of, or know where I can get one of these from?? It is to be used on a peice of scientific equptment that has a parallel output and needs to be connected to a pc to transferr data.
My adapter will fit the parallel port and let you connect an RJ45 cable, that should work with a PC.

It would be originally designed to connect a network printer to a PC, so there would probably be software issues?

I have just done something totally obscene...........took a serial port to PS2 adapter and mated that to PS2/USB adapter we don't know if this bit of kit also has a serial port?

Otherwise I do have a few switch boxes that let you connect several PCs to shared printers............I know that some of them are RJ45/USB connections at one end?.........hell, why doesn't the guy just buy an old computer that will fit.....and shove his fancy craptop up..........

"I have a 1932 Maserati 2.5 litre and it won't suck nitro........"

yeah, well

OK............worst idea this Easter (Happy Easter folks.....hope you wake up with a bunny in your bed)

Just connect a PC to the science kit as a printer and save to file? You will then need some parsing software?