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    Adobe Acrocrap

    I have never liked the smug and often supercilious barstewards at Adobe Crapware Inc., but this one really takes the biscuit:

    Steve Gottwals, a member of Adobe's security team, said it is in the process of reviewing the automatic launch feature in light of the new information.
    "This is a good example of powerful functionality relied upon by some users that also carries potential risks when used incorrectly by others," he wrote. He went on to say: "We are currently researching the best approach for this functionality in Adobe Reader and Acrobat," and it may introduce changes in a future update.

    They actually have a "security team" huh..............I wonder who the other member is then?............Gottwals' dog no doubt

    "Autorun vulnerabilities"?..........ring a bell?

    Ack Phtt! as Bill the Cat would say...................

    Article is here:


    more here:

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