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Thread: Adobe Acrocrap

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    Adobe Acrocrap

    I have never liked the smug and often supercilious barstewards at Adobe Crapware Inc., but this one really takes the biscuit:

    Steve Gottwals, a member of Adobe's security team, said it is in the process of reviewing the automatic launch feature in light of the new information.
    "This is a good example of powerful functionality relied upon by some users that also carries potential risks when used incorrectly by others," he wrote. He went on to say: "We are currently researching the best approach for this functionality in Adobe Reader and Acrobat," and it may introduce changes in a future update.

    They actually have a "security team" huh..............I wonder who the other member is then?............Gottwals' dog no doubt

    "Autorun vulnerabilities"?..........ring a bell?

    Ack Phtt! as Bill the Cat would say...................

    Article is here:


    more here:

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    Tell us how you really feel nihil

    I can relate

    I cant stand any adobe crap myself
    Adobe CS4 software resets registry permissions.....fricken POS

    I guess for licensing control.....but anytime I work on a machine that has had that software installed I have to run the reset reg script to get other programs to work.

    Even removing the POS dosent reverse Adobes settings :rolleyes;

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    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Tell us how you really feel nihil
    MLF, I am afraid that I cannot do that my dear, as I know that sensitive young ladies such as yourself read this forum

    Like yourself, I am not a great fan of Adobe, but the patronising tone of the official response really got to me:

    that also carries potential risks when used incorrectly by others
    I do hope that he was referring to cybercriminals..........in which case he should be dragged screaming into the twenty-first century? They are here, and they are here to stay, so Adobe had better start getting their act together if they want to survive? The cyberperps are using it quite correctly to achieve their objectives

    I recall writing a short regedit batch script to stop things like VBS running on a double click............it saved my site from the "lovebug" virus..........and the two in Scotland (a mate's responsibility).

    Funny thing was that on the day of the "lovebug" virus, I got a call from our engineering director, asking me what this strange stuff was that just appeared on his screen, and what should he do about it?

    I told him:

    1. Correct the spelling mistakes
    2. Correct the coding errors
    3. Beef up the payload
    4. Send it to some $%^&* that really deserves it

    The regedit opened stuff in notepad

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