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    accessing osx time machine backups

    Looking for a way to browse time machine backup files (preferably) from linux. Want to be able to extract/recover files without restoring to or needing a machine running osx.
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    Hi Ron,

    You don't actually need Time Machine. Anything that can read HFS extended volumes will do the job

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    Thanks old man.

    Way too easy.

    Simply plugged the USB drive into opensuse machine. Automounted. drag and drop the files I needed. Done

    Thanks again

    In God We Trust....Everything else we backup.

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    OpenSUSE has a bunch of tools for that HFS that you can add if you want more. In YaST2, the install software spot, and adding new mirrors and all that, in one of them there is a section where it has a bunch of HFS tools to make this even easier.

    Linux is pretty good (Depending on the distro) with being able to simply plug something in and use it. On Windows when I hooked up a DVD / CD writer drive, I had to sit there and install drivers, reboot, and it barely worked. Yet on Linux, which wasn't supported, I plugged it in and it configured it for me without rebooting or really doing anything.

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