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    Lookinf for something (dunno if it exists)


    I have a wireless router which I want to use to give people in a place, lets say a cafe for talkings sake access to internet.

    The router its self is pants having only 2mb flash so DD-WRT is out of the question.

    Is there any solution which will if set as default gateway for the wireless router allow me to do a bit of configuration and logging then proxy the traffic out.

    I am not intrested in solutions which involve mollesting browsers connection settings etc, it must be a minimum fuss solution e.g connect to access point and the rest is transparent and painless for the user.

    I am aware I could fire a linux box together to do it with 2 network cards but am curious if there is any freebie windows thingimibob (that works) and will do the job.

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    I would just drop $20 on ebay and get a wrt54g* router, that will support DD-WRT. [In fact, I just did that last week! ]
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    What make/model of router is it Mark?........I have a couple that basically don't let you configure anything at all; they are effectively just glorified ADSL modems


    Please think about the legislation that our (vain)glorious "new labour" government is trying to pass right now........... "Lord Mandelbot and co."

    This will have a direct impact on public wireless provision..........even our bloody libraries!!!

    It could impact on your solution; depending on its deployment?
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