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Thread: Closest I could find but technically this is video forensics.

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    Closest I could find but technically this is video forensics.

    I am looking for someone who is an absolute Video enhancement demon to assist me in recovering some info from a video clip.

    Basically I have some video footage of a van hitting a car and I need the license plate from it or I need the words written on the door of the van.

    The video quality is not great and it appears to be just out of range of the focus of the camera but it does appear in a lot of frames.

    If anyone wants to have a pop at it drop me a PM.

    please note, this is a tricky one, its not going to be a case of bringing it up and magnifying, it will be a painfull enhancing and colour stripping job.

    There is approx 60mb of video which has the van in it a few times coming and going.

    If anyone is successfull I will send a beer token by Paypal !


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    It sounds more fun than playing minesweeper and cards. Send me a link. I'll be happy to make your injurys look a little more realistic aswell

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    This may help:


    I guess I would use something like Irfranview to extract the frames from the video. Some may be better quality than others, and more readily enhanced. I have generally had more success with enhancing stills than video.

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