Hey guys,

Just got an awesome toy. you can get them from Maplin or Ebay.

Emprex HD Media Box.

Basically a little linux box for watching movies on, but 30 minutes after buying it I realised it was Linux based and mine is now happily running samba and running as a NAS.

Not bad for 30 bucks if you ask me !!!

Basically file://ipaddress gives me acces to it and I can throw movies on and watch them on TV.

It has
RJ-45 100mb TCP-IP capability
USB Connector (in and out seperately so you can add a second drive and mount that to.)
Video and Audio Out (3.5" jack with lead in box)

I just took the existing firmware flash, decompiled it and put the other things in then re-flashed it and its now a respectable media centre running a small ditro !!!.