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Thread: Quickkill for Vista/7

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    Question Quickkill for Vista/7

    Is there a program like quickkill that will work on Vista or Windows 7? Also, is there one that can allow exceptions. I need this for using GoToAssist to connect to infected machines.

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    Hi Bob, 32 or 64 bit, and free or paid for?

    I don't really understand your reference to "quickkill", as I have only seen it used to close down a list of unwanted applications etc prior to a gaming session?

    There may well be alternative solutions if you are proposing to remotely access infected machines?

    1. Run a VM
    2. Use a sandbox program (Sandboxie, Fortres Grand etc)
    3. Physically separate machine, and "Deep freeze" or the Linux equivalent?
    4. Use something like Tall Emu's "Online Armor", that will block attempts to modify your system.
    5. Run with a least privilege account and allow UAC or the Windows 7 equivalent?
    6. Set up an inner perimeter of defences?

    I am assuming that you want to visit an infected machine and clean it; without getting infected yourself?

    Is that a correct assumption?

    Please don't try it on a network machine........you need an ARV (armored reconnaissance vehicle) box for this job. So make sure that you have a current ghost image before you go.


    Errrrr, you will be joining me for a on Friday?
    Not only is that the day "The Teddybears have their picnic", it is the day that I am eligible for a "more mature citizens' free transport pass"

    Let me know how it progresses......................

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    Quickkill kills all processes except those in its whitelist. I use the software often if an infection is pegging the process or blocking remote access, plus it increases performance for scans. SteadyState or VM is what I use to protect my Win7 machine with UAC enabled, although that is not my concern.

    I want to be able to connect to machines that I can't without disabling the infected processes. The automation is for the operator of the infected machine, who is not skilled enough to use msconfig and task manager or in the event that the group policy has been changed to deny permissions. An option to add GoToAssist processes would allow it to be run after a connection to increase performance. Paid or free is fine.


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