I am writting this at a very depressed time. I just found out that an assclown friend of mine who was formatting a machine - deleted MBR of my HDD instead of the new HDD where he was suppose to install windows. It's a WD external HDD and holds all my data from few years. I dont keep any data on my laptop or live HDD which gets connected to internet daily but in an external drive that i attach only when i need the data.

this HDD has eveything that i have worked on and personal data in last few years and loss of data from this is going to be very damaging.

I am asking for urgent help from anyone who can suggest anything to recover the data.

He did not install the windows but just deleted the MBR and realized what he was doing. I am getting a copy of Ontrack recovery software that i had used in the past which might help me.

Any suggestion is helpful.

(I wish for this downward spiral of life to end.)