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    Video Playback Problems

    Hello everyone
    Some days back,i got a movie on the pirate friendly .mkv format. Its audio and video sync was coming delayed on being played on the computer,whereas it was perfectly fine on being played on the laptop. I used K lite codec pack then along with its bundled Media Player Classic Homecinema. Earlier,all videos used to play flawlessly well,this was the first time i was playing a .mkv format file.

    I installed a few codec packs(as VLC kept on dropping frames) and also tried my hand at editing codec settings, which resulted in all videos playing delayed while the K Lite codecs are being used, else the Windows codecs work well.

    I need a solution to it. Dows anyone know any software tweak or any software that can help me rid of this problem.
    I'm attaching the log generated by HijackThis

    PC Configuration :

    P3 500MHz,128MB RAM,40Gb HDD
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    If VLC is droping frames on one computer and not the other, I would say your CODEC packs are corrupt or incomplete.

    Uninstall - including VLC and re install from a known good source.

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    P3 500MHz,128MB RAM
    I think that pretty much says it all, given that you are running Windows XP SP3. Sooner or later you will find that you don't have enough resources?

    You don't mention your video card..............or is it an onboard chipset that is stealing your RAM?

    On that kit I wouldn't want to install anything beyond Windows 2000. I would guess that your RAM is only SDR as well?

    It would seem that your laptop is more modern and has more adequate resources?

    I would also comment that if all you want to do is watch videos, then you disconnect from the internet and don't run Avira, Norton Ghost, Adobe and the rest?


    You don't say, but is the .mkv video 1080P or 720? Modern videos do tend to have problems with older PCs.

    If you have altered the settings and don't know what they were I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling as mentioned above.

    Certainly try with all your background processes turned off and see if that makes a difference.
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    Another option to try is the Divx Codec Pack, i had issues streaming large .mkv files a few months ago using windows media center. I went through numerous codec's and settings but found a clean install or a system with no codec's conflicting (all removed) and just the Divx Codec Pack installed laughs at 4-8 GB 1080p .mkv files being thrown at it.

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    Its just a massed up codec pack issue. Yes, the system plays the movies easily,one goddamn pc it is. But the speed in mkv files does deteriorate. For those, i have my lappy. Thanks everyone !

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    For the next person who comes searching for same problem


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