Hi everyone,

I have a lab practices about using scripts that I need help on.

Contoso has 20 seperate locations in the United States, and each location is being equipped with a new file server. The file servers are going to have six shared folders, which will have the same names regardless of location. You need to create a batch file that automatically creates these six shares. Once the shares are created, on-site technicians will set the permissions manually according to their needs.

To complete thsi lab challenge, do the following:

1. Write a batch file named SharedFolders.bat that uses the Net Share command to share the following folders. The share name and folder name should be the same, and the folders should be located in C:\Standard Shares\
- Financial
- Marketing
- Support
- Miscellaneous
- Legal
- Customer Support

2. Run the batch file
3. Verify that your partnet has successfully run the batch file by accessing the shared folders on your partner's computer from a Run dialog box

This is from Microsoft Windows XP Pro lab manual, I've never did batch file before. I would like some help on it.