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    laptop touchpad pen

    Hey Guys,

    Do you know of any pen that I can use on my laptop touchpad instead of my finger? (I don't want to draw anything. I just want to be able to move the cursor by pen instead of my finger because I really feel bad in my fingers after several hours of working with touchpad).

    I also feel bad when I use normal mouse!!!!!!!

    So my dream is to find a wireless keyboard, with a touchpad like laptops, and a slim pen that I can use with that touchpad to move the cursor and click instead of my poor fingers! Has such a thing been invented yet?

    I also appreciate to know if you have any other suggestions of what kind of mouse and keyboard you've found the best regarding the health of your "carpal tunnel", wrist, fingers, shoulders....


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    I haven't tested it on a laptop, but this works with my iPod Touch, and my iPad.


    [no, I did not buy an iPad, it was provided for free ...]

    edit: just tried it on a laptop... works like a charm.
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    my partners Father uses 1 of those stylus pens from mobile phones to operate he's touchpad on the laptop.

    Something like this>

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    As I suggested in the other thread.......please do a search for "trackball"

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