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Thread: Battery Back Up

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    Battery Back Up

    Hi AO's

    Hey guyz a very confusing question for me as well as for many of my IT frds.

    I was in a discussion of Battery Back Ups and regular Charging of a Laptop i read a few forums for it but i got a very uncertain answers i wanted to bring this a highlight for myself and for my friends.

    As in the actual question is

    Whats the best way to maintain battery life? work with it charging or leave the battery go down and then charge?

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    Question is "Why are you Off line"

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    Never let the battery run to flat. when the laptop is plugged in it will run directly from the AC, this includes when you have used the laptop for a few hours then plugged it into the AC cord it will charge while running from AC power supply.

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    The best way to maintain battery life is to always keep the battery life between 30 and 80 percent. If you leave the battery plugged in, the constant charge that is given to the battery will cause the ions to be overly energized and thus lead to a more unbalanced cell state eventually. Keeping the battery low also leads to an unbalanced cell state. So the best real way to preserve battery life, without being ridiculous about it e.g. removing the battery when the laptop is not in use and storing it in a cold dry place for no longer than 3 hour intervals blah blah blah, is to maintain that battery percentage. A lot of people will say don't let it drop below 40%, but I don't really see the harm in letting it drop another 10%. Seeing how I haven't experimented much with the issue, go with 40 to 80 percent, but you don't have to be militant about it.

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    Not really my subject regarding laptops, but I have used rechargeable stuff in photography and other applications for many years.

    The old way used to be to fully charge on receipt, then fully discharge, then keep it 25%~80% when not in use and only charge to 100% when you were in the field.

    I don't know about the ones in the last few years, but everything seems to have gotten cheaper and nastier in the interests of corporate greed?

    I do notice that machines that have been left idle (disconnected from mains power) for long periods (months/years) tend to have totally dead batteries, even though they never did their "promised" 500 cycles.

    Once you power them up, the clock starts ticking

    I have one at the moment that got shot with a BB gun (fraternity houses) and the kid hasn't used it in a couple of years, because the screen laminates appear to have separated over about 2/3 of the screen area......... it's battery is totally useless..........it won't even boot from it.

    Laptop batteries are expendable ............. get used to the idea.

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    I've always gone by this page:

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    Let the batteries run down every once in a while for the sake of preserving optimisation.

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    Thanks a lot this was very informative for me

    I use to keep it on charging before but now i will start draining it once in a while.

    Thanks and regards
    Question is not "Why are you Online"
    Question is "Why are you Off line"

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