Firefox 3.6.6 is out.
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Thread: Firefox 3.6.6 is out.

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    Firefox 3.6.6 is out.

    Firefox 3.6.6 is out, offering update for "crash protection".

    Talk about irony.
    Parth Maniar,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByTeWrangler View Post
    Firefox 3.6.6 is out, offering update for "crash protection".

    Talk about irony.
    whar's the review, bro? FailFox usually tells me this without having to read it on a forum? 0.o
    Every now and then, one of you won't annoy me.

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    You won't believe this ByTe, but I just updated to 3.6.6 and guess what............?

    Yep, it crashed


    It just crashed again.............and it doesn't restore your connections and tabs like it used to
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    out of curiosity i've just updated from 2.0.20 firefox to this 3.6.6V and i'm liking how i can grab a tab and pull it out of the current window and it straight away displays what i was reading.

    seems to render good ol AO a smidget quicker. this place loads a heap of .js so most browsers seem to bottleneck...

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    Opera has a lot of that stuff built in. and if it DOES crash, which has happened.....Twice over the past 5 - 7 years or so, it has the "Recycling Bin" style thing that will bring back whatever you had open no matter if it crashed or not.

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