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Thread: Windows Server Admin Docs Wanted

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    Windows Server Admin Docs Wanted

    Hey guys,
    I am a BSD user and I feel that I have a fairly good if not very good grasp on administrating a *nix system. I would like to expand my horizons however and look deeper into the world of Windows System Administration. I am familiar enough with Windows to know some general practices, but I would like to see if there is some better material out there. If any of you guys have a book or a link you recommend, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced,

    The Bear

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    General or Security in particular?

    From a security perspective I like

    "Protect Your Windows Network" by Jesper Johansson and Steve Riley - Microsoft's "original" security gurus

    The Microsoft security and threats and countermeasures guides are also good resources, which one is right for you depends on which version of Windows you are using, just use "Microsoft <WINDOWS VERSION> Security Guide" in google, i.e. "Microsoft Server 2003 Security Guide"

    From a general admin perspective I am not really sure but I have usually found the various (and there is a lot) Microsoft guides pretty good

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    Thanks, I will check out the book! Googling didn't return very satisfying results but the book seems like a good place to start.

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    Best quick start guides to Microsoft products.

    Parth Maniar,

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