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    I guess this is hello

    Hey guys,
    I already made some posts as you probably seen before this one usually because I like to get a feel for the community of a forum before introducing myself. But yeah, I guess this is hello =P

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    Bout time you started a thread in here.

    anyhow throw us a few more details. you got any past experience in the comp.sec world? etc etc

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    Yeah, I have some history with computers >.< As a kid, I pretty much wasted my entire time on them. I am currently employed with a start up as kind of "the tech guy." I do everything from help desk to administrating servers to software development all the way to database administration. The company network is small enough so I am not really needed in any one area and I float around which is cool because it gives me a chance to delve into a wide variety of areas. As a kid, I was always interested in network protocols and just networks in general and eventually that grew to an interest in security, but as all of you guys probably know, security is a never ending journey =P I have worked on some open source projects with close friends but we being the ADHD people we are usually leave them after we get a close to working model. This is probably due to the fact that I find the research and tinkering phase of programming the most interesting/fun etc. One project was a secure P2P file sharing program/protocol based on social networking principles which utilized asynchronous I/O. It was written in my favorite language, C. =P I tinker a lot with computers and constantly switch operating systems. I have tried all the main distros in linux e.g. debian, gentoo, arch, slackware, red hat, suse, ubuntu, etc., many a windows versions, and I am currently in the BSD realm sporting the openBSD which I find quite enjoyable though I have thoughts on switching over to Plan 9 . I haven't released any exploits though I have heard the most likely little pay isn't worth the head ache trying to get business to patch their system =P Exposing my college's local DNS server to being exploitable to the kaminsky bug is the closest thing I experienced in trying to deal with getting people to patch their systems. I think I rambled enough though >.<

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