The purpose of this text is to introduce who I am to anyone who is interested. I am a twenty-seven year old male who has various interests all tied to computers and technology. My favorite things to do are solving problems, researching new computing topics and experimenting with things. Because of my wide range of interests, and my compulsive personality I often play with something for a while and then get bored and move on. What never seems to change is my desire to learn more, and think of creative ways to do things. I have worked for two years in retail selling computers and the like. Persuasion is not my thing, I would rather be researching or applying my knowledge, so I am now out of work looking for a new adventure. I have my heart set on becoming a computer operator and am taking steps toward achieving that dream. I do my work under Windows 7 mostly, but in the last two weeks I have found FreeBSD to be a gratifying experience. Particulary how it makes me think about things and look for solutions to unexpected problems. My current project is to get wine installed and running Office 2010 software so that I can continue my everyday work in BSD and only boot windows when I want to play games. After this important project is completed I intend to finish some ebooks on administering BSD.